Curator’s Statement

This exhibition is an exploration into how we see the world and how these experiences are revealed in an artist’s practice. Our everyday experiences are some of our most unique and revealing aspects of our identity. Through our unique experiences the world is augmented from our bodily perceptions before being crystalized into what these stimuli mean to us individually. These actions that shape our being are unique to each of us, and are typically held close not to be shared with everyone. We choose what to conceal and we choose what to share, however these distinctions are becoming increasingly less clear. Mary Grace Bernard and Hannah Ronan-Daniell disrupt notions of public vs. private and invite you to explore how you share and conceal your experiences.

Sarah Martin, Curator

I would like to thank the University of Denver’s School of Art and Art History for their support of this project, and the Vicki Myhren Gallery staff whose help and encouragement made this exhibition possible.